June Challenge!

Last month was May Squat/Plank/Push-up/5k Challenge! I trailed off the last week, but now I’m back on ready for a new month’s challenges.

June’s calendar is focused on planks. Each day begins with the Core Challenge for time and ability. Then, move into planks, side planks, bench presses, and running.

Today was particularly tough since I didn’t eat breakfast. I was too pre-occupied with cleaning out the kitchen cabinets in my parents’ home–7 trash bags full of expired food! Maybe having Mom carry the bags out to the road signaled something in her brain to never hoard food like that again. I didn’t even attempt the fridge though…

Then, when I went to make breakfast, no bread, no cereal, no milk. My quick go-tos were gone. So, lunch it was and made a tuna sandwich.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back in my own kitchen where food is waiting to be eaten and cabinets are organized. I hear the curry shrimp calling my name now…

Download June Challenge Calendar! June

Inspirational Photo of the Day

forearmstandTotally doable.


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