Chocolate Protein Banana Almond Butter Smoothie! Could Drink This All Day!


My favorite kind of smoothies are chocolate ones, but they were never that great for me until I found Bolthouse Chocolate protein plus! I know that sounded commerical-y but really, best thing for chocolate lovers ever.




So, an easy protein-packed smoothie was no problem! I eyeballed my ice and liquid measurements, so you kinda have to guess until you have the consistency you want. I like my smoothies a little thicker.

1 banana (can be frozen if you wish) 90 cals
1 1/2 cup ice
3/4- 1 full cup Bolthouse Protein Plus Chocolate drink 157.5 -210 cals
2 tbsp almond butter (I used MaraNatha’s creamy no stir)  190 cals

Mix in and crush/blend until smooth 🙂
I love when I can make a healthy breakfast with little fuss.
Makes roughly 2 servings so calorie count for one serving would be: 245!

I used my mom’s Ninja blender. I would definitely recommend one of those. They are great! No clumps yet!



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