Yesterday Fitness Recap

From Monthly Challenge:

  • 3:30 min plank
  • 1:45 min side plank each side
  • 25 min jog at 5mph and 5 min walk at 3mph (2.34 miles)
  • 55lbs 1 set 12 reps bench press (I got the number wrong, I was supposed to do 45, today is 55.)

At Gym:

  • 30 min Ab Circuit with Bob at school gym
  • 30 min weight lifting abs: (3 sets of 6 reps)
    • Abdominal machine 70lbs x 1 set, 75lbs x 2 sets
    • Torso Twist 150lbs each side
    • Standing leg lift alternating legs in and out
    • Side crunch 15lbs free weight
    • Back extension 25lbs free weight

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