Red Light Therapy Total Body Enhancement!

So, you might have heard of this new health thing called red light therapy. Planet Fitness offers it as a part of their Black Card Membership perks. What is it exactly?

Total Body Enhancement

Red light therapy is a method that exposes the skin to red light to activate ATP, otherwise known as adenosine triphosphate. When ATP is released, your muscles gain more energy and thus allows you to workout longer or harder. What red light therapy also does is reduce cellulite. It’s also used to help heal wounds faster and to help reduce the prevalence of acne.

Where’s my proof? This is where I love being a college student.

A study conducted by Gordon H. Sasaki, Kerby Oberg, Barbara Tucker, and Margaret Gaston published in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy found that red light therapy and the use of an anti-cellulite gel, 8 out of the 9 ladies who participated in the study had major reduction in their cellulite in their thighs. This was over a period of three months, but the main answer here is that it worked.

Another study in the same journal (Paolillo, et al., 2011) combined red light therapy during high interaval treadmill training. The control group experienced minimal cellulite reduction while the group that received red light therapy had a significant and visible (pictures were included) reduction in cellulite.

I’ll throw in a pitch for Planet Fitness’s red light therapy: They also have inside the machine a vibration program. You choose a program and the pad beneath your feet vibrates at different intensities to increase blood flow to areas high in cellulite like thighs and glutes (your ass).

If for no other reason you try it out, go for the vibes. I vibed so much I was laughing in the machine. It was like laughing gas from the dentist. I couldn’t help it! I was sure people thought I was crazy if they heard me laughing inside the room!


136 thoughts on “Red Light Therapy Total Body Enhancement!

  1. Great post Anpilson 🙂 I am about to get a Planet Fitness membership as well. I’ve been a smoker for the last 13 years. I’m on day two and successful so far. I need all the help I can get. The red light therapy sounds great especially since I get really sore for some reason. I’m assuming it’s all the years of burning particles entering my body for so long. Ugh… Here’s to change!

  2. I love the Red Light Therapy Total Body Enchancement! I’ve only been using it for two weeks, but my muscles don’t get as sore as normal and I think it makes me in a better mood. As for the person on here that is knocking it, I’d try it first.

  3. I am a member of planet fitness and I love the body enhancement. I call it the jiggle room. it is a great workout .. I do it every day I am there which is four days a week . monday thru thursday… makes you feel good

  4. I used it for the first time yesterday, it felt great! Do you recommend to use it before a workout or after? Also do you have to wear protective eye wear like you do when your in a tanning bed?
    Great piece by the way!!

  5. I’m 63 and started using the red light therapy at a Planet fitness in Jonesboro, Ga at the start of 2015. The most outstanding result of using it has been my neck. At 63 I had that common look of my neck looking like a “turkey” if you know what I mean. Guess what? That’s right it’s gone. All that sagging is totally gone. I’ll be using this forever.

    • I would think using the Total Body Enhancement as a pregnant woman would be uncomfortable and likely to make your milk descend. I’ve nursed 3 kiddos. Though each woman is different and if you want to try it, put on as tight a sports bra as you can stand. No idea if infrared light affects breast milk, but if you wear a sports bra, that inhibits if not prevents the infrared from getting to the milk.

      • I believe there is a warning on the instructions for the machine, not to use if you are pregnant. Not sure about nursing.

  6. Can somebody explained how to choose programs. Just joined a PF at a newly opened site and it seems employees are all rather new also.
    Not getting straight answers.
    Thank you

  7. Can anyone tell me if they’ve had any issues with their tattoos? I have quite a few tattoos and I would prefer not to waste the money I spent on them if this machine makes them fade. Thanks.

  8. Great article, just what I was looking for! I am joining the new Planet Fitness here in our city later today. I have been losing weight on my own for a few weeks but I need to start working out. The Total Body Enhancement sounds like something I definitely want to experience while going there. 🙂

  9. At first I didnt believe the Body Enhancement machine at planet fitness worked. However, one of my good friends used it on a regular basis who says it cleared her cellulite. I honestly did not believe her at all until I began to use it myself. IT WORKS! I could not believe it my cellulite is definitely tightening up. I look forward to going to workout even more now. I use it before I workout because it also helps me not to have extremely soar muscles after working out. I was told it is vitamin D that comes from the lights in the machine. I know 1st hand it is working. Thank you Planet Fitness! It is important to ask the staff to show you how to change the levels.

  10. I’ve used the planet fitness total body enhancement machine and I LOVE it!!!! I was a major skeptic, but it was included with my membership so why not try it? After 3 uses (after my workout) I noticed a huge difference in the amount of noticeable cellulite on my butt and thighs. I’m still amazed, and can’t stop looking at the results. Others have also commented on how great my skin looks and it puts you in a great mood!!! I recommend it to everyone!

  11. Do you wear clothes in it? It seems the more skin exposed, the better the light would work. Tried it for the first time last night. I have chronic hip/sciatica pain and the jiggling reduced the pain. I used it after workout but reading this, maybe it’s better before?

  12. I have been using the TBE machine for 2 weeks now and I feel that it not only improves my mood, but I feel more energy and my skin looks healthier!

  13. I use the TBE before I work out. It seems to energize and help stretch my muscles. I am horrible at stretching beforehand so that’s what I do. Also, someone asked about wearing clothes… the less the better or none at all. Heck, get the full effect throughout! I will be 47 next month and people think I am in my 30’s. The change in tightening my face and neck has been amazing!!!!

  14. I used this for first time today. They should show us how to use it, had no idea that it vibrates. She did tell me about the fan though. Does anyone know if this can hurt the lungs or help them? I have COPD and for some reason tonight my lungs feel like I swallowed a bay and oxygen level is much lower. I guess I can ask my doctor but just want to know if anyone has experienced any problems with the lungs?

  15. I love this machine, I have MS and it has helped me loose some of the numbness that I feel. It also helps me with my work out, I am able to work out for longer and push myself more. the change to my skin is great as well and my muscles in my legs. It does make my extra fatty bits itch which is good it means oxygen is reaching the muscles

    • I too have noticing itching and wasnt sure if meant something, this is a good point about the oxygen and increased blood flow. Good to know i wasnt alone with that feeling. Thanks

    • You can use the red light therapy without the vibrating floor. Just press start and don’t press any other buttons.

    • notice that when you get out, everything looks green, that wasn’t green before. That’s because your eyes adjusted to the red lights while you were in there. If that’s the case, then the lights were red. happens to me every time.

  16. I don’t use goggles as they aren’t required at my Planet’s a white light, but they swear it is infrared. All I know is this… I use it before my workout and I am less sore after and I have neuropathy, even though I am not diabetic. On the days I use TBE, I have no issues of Neuropathy, and I had a dark “sunspot” on my face that required a LOT of concealer.. it is GONE. I can’t find anything that shows how many calories you burn if you use the vibration therapy, but my Nurse Practitioner told me that if it causes itching as someone else mentioned, to step it down… itching associated with vibration is thought to be damaging the nerves.

    • when you get out of the machine, if everything seems to look green, then that’s because your eyes adjusted to the red lights. That’s how you know they were red…ish.

  17. I have been going to the gym JUST to use this machine. I love it. I still don’t understand how or why the vibration works, or gives you a “workout”. I just love the heat of the machine and the hopes that it will make my fine lines and wrinkles on my face go away. I’m only 35 but I have pretty deep pillow wrinkles by my eyes. To those who asked about wearing clothes, I take ALL my clothing off. Why not let it get your whole body?

  18. Used the TBE machine for first time yesterday. One thing I noticed immediately was the relief of my restless leg syndrome and overall anxiety. Don’t know yet what effect it will have on my skin, but this result alone is already amazing. Looking forward to going again tomorrow night.

  19. I’ve been using the machine at PF for about a week now. 4 times, every other day. The first 2 times I didn’t get the vibration, because I missed how to do it…but I did get the red light treatment. The 3rd time I asked them to show me again, so I managed to get the vibration working, and set at level 3. That did the trick, and the sore muscles I had from overworking 2 days prior were gone when I got out. The red lights are making my skin softer. I had soft skin already, but I can’t stop rubbing my face and arms now, they are so soft. I think it may be a combination of my hands being soft, and my face and arm skin being soft, making the combination seem silky smooth. It’s surely from the lights, because I didn’t use the vibration the first 2 times. I turn 53 in 3 weeks, and I told my 27 y/o daughter that I’ll be looking younger than her soon, if she doesn’t start hitting the gym with me. 🙂 I use the machine before working out, and it seems to give me more energy to get through the weight machines. I think it helped me get to the next level of weights even.

  20. Funny story…..the first time I used it…was horrific….I didn’t know how to use it and just kept pressing buttons and the fan and lights just kept going on and off and no vibration…after 2 minutes I decided to abandon my effort. I could not get out….I was stuck in the machine….I tried and tried to pull it to that side…to slide it open…it would not budge. I tried not to panic….I kept trying to turn it off so it would release me…but I couldn’t figure it out. I tried to reach my phone thru the slots so could call the front desk to come rescue me. I as trying so hard not to be scared…but it was approaching that. It was late and I knew the young kid at the front desk would never notice that I never came out. Finally I decide to push on the door and it came right open. I don’t know why I thought I had slid it closed….but the whole time I was really not stuck 😦 Since then I have been enjoying the machine 🙂

    • Omg! What you described is me exactly! The weeks ago I got really nervous when the door wouldn’t open when I tried to slide it.

  21. I live Planet fitness they people that work there are AWESOME they have free classes and I will be back to tell you how I did in 3 months ..Haters go away

  22. Omg you to??? That is exactly what happened to me the first time. I just kept trying to slide it open for some reason and figured it would not open until 12 minutes is up. At 12 minutes I ended up pushing the door and laughed when I realized I had to push it. After I got out I asked the girl to show me lool. Now I know how to use it. My anxiety majorly improves after using TBE. I love Planet Fitness!

  23. It does now, as of 11/17 and it is AMAZING!! I have noticed a decrease in the appearance of my stretch marks, overall skin tone and my sciatica issue. I primarily go because of back ache and can’t tell you the difference I have noticed after using this on level 4. I do it at least 2x a day. Red light therapy at Planet Fitness has also many other health benefits. You can see more about it here:

    • I tried it last night for the first time after my workout. The lights were a very bright white. I asked at my Planet Fitness location but the girl was unaware of any red lights… Am I still getting the benefits I wonder? I could feel my body tighten at times on a level 3 going to try again at a level 4 tonight.

  24. It is clearing up my eczema!!!! Unbelievable as I have had to have 15 shots of steroid in my skin before to try to help it and even though it cleared then, it still came back! I am loving it!

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