Hip Hop Cardio at Teazers Pole Fitness and Dance Studio

The newest fitness craze–Pole Fitness.

While I did not yet get a chance to try out the Pole Fitness classes, I was invited to try the Hip Hop Cardio class run by Josh Romero, a highly talented and experienced dancer and performer.

He totally kicked my butt today. I was sweating like crazy (and I forgot a hand towel!).

Here’s a pick of them dancing. I’m not in the shot, but I’m OK with that!

I think I burned about 400 calories. I use MyFitnessPal and I marked it a Zumba because of the constant movement, and if I labeled it Dance, general, it would have told me I only burned 210 calories instead of 370, the more likely number.

If you want to try any of the classes Teazers offers and you live in the MB area, give them a call (843) 251-1277. If you want to try a pole fitness class in your area, use Google and search pole fitness, not pole dancing. You’ll get completely different results.

hip hop cardio at teazers


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