Apologies for the Disappearance! But here’s some recipes to make up for it

I’ve had a lot going on the past few weeks and it’s been a struggle to keep up. I had to pack, move, unpack, and try to stay on target with my routine while in the midst of chaos. Because I moved into an apartment where two others were already living, it was really difficult to try and organize and clean an already-living-in space. Regardless, that week I was not very health-conscious.

My mom can into town to help me move and we ate out at Cookout for the first time in my life. I had an Oreo milkshake, 1/4 cheeseburger with lettuce, fries, and hush puppies. My stomach was distended from the greasy food. I was so uncomfortable I could hardly sleep.

I learned my lesson and I went back for the 4th of July for the second and final meal from Cookout (watermelon shake — only half — and a small burger with lettuce and onion). Thank you and goodbye, Cookout. Never again unless I want to feel like poop for three days.

Although not really healthy, I think it’s because I’ve had too much time on my hands at home. When I’m out doing school and work, I have to pack my lunch and that’s all I can eat, so I eat healthier. I can’t wait to get back into my normal routine on Monday.

Regardless, I did make some delicious concoctions of food while trying to get rid of everything in my fridge. Here are some fun combos to try:

Deli turkey, whole wheat soft taco wrap, brown rice (precooked), goat cheese, shredded cheddar (put everything on the wrap and fold it over once, and cook on skillet. Cut like quesadilla.

Same cooking idea but with gouda and mango spread and even goat cheese

Same technique, but now try applesauce, apple jelly, and Muenster cheese

Last night, I made my own pizza at California Pizza–probably still 1,000 calories despite getting the personal size, but let me tell you, it was delicious!

OK, try this out: rosemary whole wheat crust with peanut butter sauce, smoked gouda cheese, sweet onion, pineapple and bacon. It’s like a sophisticated PB&J. My friend who went with me was a really picky eater and didn’t like it, but he also got a plain cheese and spinach pizza, so he wasn’t nearly as adventurous.

I want to make that in my kitchen and I’m sure it would be pretty easy. Peanut butter sauce is literally peanut butter smeared on the crust, so it’s not some secret formula. That’s a great thing about pizzas–you can do whatever with them.


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