CCU 5k Training Group


Some of the leaders who work in the rec center on campus started a 5k training club that meets on TR 5:45pm on the track. This is our third week together.

Every meeting, Coach Erica (red hair, bright green shirt, black shorts) announces the word of the day and a quote of the day. The word that day was “encouragement,” and the quote was “Encourage each other to go the extra mile, whatever that may look like.”

At this point in our training, we’ve set up two groups: the ones who run off the track and the ones who run on the track. Off-track runners follow Erica and loop around the campus until they eventually come back to the track and join the team. The on-track runners stay on the track. I don’t know if they do, but I watch the football players and rugby players practice as I run as motivation. (As in, “Yeah, I can run farther than these guys can!”)

Our 5k is in October!



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