No Mascots – Eat Real Food

This is brilliant! Foods should have no mascots! They are not teams!


Stop. Take a second to think.

Stop what you were in the midst of doing as ask yourself – what did I eat today that has its own mascot? A character that everyone recognises as being uniquely, distinctly, representative of x food.

Be they scary clowns, friendly looking tigers, or something equally intellectual and awe-inspiring, they aren’t usually a good sign, are they?

If you’re just starting out – trying treat healthier without committing to a strict programme – then this is a good rule to live by*

Eliminate foods that have mascots.


* remembering, of course, that moderation is key. Be sensible – it’s about making changes you cal live with. Can’t live without that Friday night cheeseburger yet? See it as a goal – give yourself a month to find a suitable, healthy, alternative!

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