Diet-By-Month Experiment

I mentioned last year that it would be an interesting experiment to go on different monthly diets and consider the results. For example, January would be vegan, February would be paleo, March would be pescetarian, etc.

What better time to begin an experiment than the new year? With that said, I am embarking on this experiment. Here’s the plan. The first 7 days of each month is a nutrition-based week where I only focus on adjusting to the foods. The focus is not on working out or exercising more than my usual walks to and from places (the average steps someone takes essentially). The rest of the time of the month, I incorporate a foundational exercise routine consisting of strength and cardio. Every week, I’ll post at most two updates on the foods I ate, my moods, and any challenges or setbacks experienced. I can handle a post a week.

The Breakdown

  • Daily Exercise after Day 7: 20 push-ups, 20 crunches, 30-second plank, and a 10-15 minute walk/jog/run.
  • January: Veganism–no fish, seafood, dairy (eggs, milk, cheese, butter), red meat (beef, pork, lamb, etc.), poultry (chicken, turkey, etc.), and no animal byproducts (gelatin, fats, whey, etc.). I can have nuts, grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, …. that’s about it.
  • February: Paleo–often called the hunter-gatherer diet, no processed foods like bread, but everything else is fairly safe. Meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes…. that’s about it.
  • March: Pescetarianism–everything but red meat and poultry

The benefits of veganism is that you are aiming to remove processed animal products from your body and lifestyle. I wanted to try veganism because it is the hardest change to make from complete omnivore. Although there are lots of processed foods that are vegan (Oreos!), the goal is to avoid those and focus on nutritionally rich yum-yums.

Lots of people and celebrities have harped up the paleo diet. This diet also tries to remove processed foods, but meats are OK. Paleo is meant to focus on your strict biological needs as the hunters and gatherers of old once did, but, you know, they died, so…

Pescetarianism seems more my style, but I’ll try out the others first. I love seafood (southern girl!) and the hope is that once I’ve adapted my diet to more strict and healthful habits, I’ll be less likely to pig out once I hit March’s diet.

If you have other diets I should consider, leave them in the comment section below! I’ve heard of the raw foods diet, but that might just be asking for too much.


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