Veganism: Day 5 Grocery Shopping

So, groceries. Hrm. So far, not necessarily more expensive than my normal grocery shopping outings, although I probably did not get as many items as I’m used to.
I headed first to Trader Joe’s (my first time!) and realized “Oh, like, it’s ALL organic.”


$61.52 for the groceries. Organic tofus, black beans, popcorn, apple chips, veggie straws, orange juice, white mushrooms, baby bells mushrooms, fruit medley, soy vanilla ice cream, corn tortillas, vegetable soup broth, artichoke hearts, vegan butter, vegan mozarella, and cashew butter.

Then off to Bi-Lo for the rest of my list. Minute rice, vegan pesto sauce, green beans, canned corn, ear of corn, avocado, kiwi (2), (2) cucumbers, diced red onion, diced celery-onion, Gimme Lean sausage (mock meat), lettuce packs, spinach packs, artichoke, baking potato, sweet potato, spaghetti squash, bag of pistachios, 2 packs crescent rolls, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, dark chocolate almond milk, potato bread, coconut oil, vegan American cheese, vans gluten free waffles, and muncheese vegan snacks. $88.59

This was supposed to be my grocery budget for the month, but I’ve never been good at keeping to that.

Yesterday, I snacked and ate airline food. Pickles, potato bread with vegan butter, almond milk, orange juice, 1/2 a weird Cibo express avocado and mango wrap (which was disgusting), 1/2 a caramel vegan protein bar of some sort and a bag of pasta chips (delicious!). Then tea and water the rest of the day.

Today, I ate vegan pizza with vegan cheese, thai and red sauce, mushrooms, green peppers, and pineapples and a Palmetto lager. Then my spaghetti squash with the vegan pesto sauce, an artichoke and wine.

What I’ve noticed is that I’m not eating as much. I’m not hungry really most of the day. I snack a bit here and a bit there and then have one large meal. I’m not sure it’s because I’m getting rid of all the fats in my diet, but I like not being constantly hungry.


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