Felt it Today

OK. I felt it today.

Maybe it was the exhaustion from bowling yesterday and waking up late today. Maybe it was the off schedule at work. Maybe the can of Pringles a student left for me was just too much. Seriously? Pringles are vegan? What?

I started off fine. Vans gluten-free waffles with peanut butter, a slice of mango, pineapple, and cantaloupe. A glass of dark chocolate almond milk. Great breakfast.

But I also started my “exercise routine.” Kind of.

Starting today, every day, I will be doing 20 push-ups (combos of regular and modified), 20 crunches, :30 second plank, and 15-20 minute walk. Well, today’s temperature hovered around 20, so…. no. Outside was not an option, but I did walk more today around the school and up and down stairs.

Snacked on popcorn and Pringles for lunch because our lunch period was wonky. Then came home and made an iceberg salad with cherry tomatoes, vegan cheese and fat free raspberry vinaigrette. Then a grilled cheese with Vegan American, the potatoes from the “burrito” yesterday, and ketchup on potato bread with the leftover rice and a glass of almond milk again.

Maybe I’m not drinking enough water? I’m averaging around 22 oz., so I know I should have more like 64.

It’s all a work in progress. My weight went down a bit to 128lb. Let’s see if it stays there.


One thought on “Felt it Today

  1. It could also be your body ridding itself of toxins. It has been written that when you stop eating animal protein, your body will rid itself of toxins and cause fatique, sleeplessness and just plain yuck feeling. On the lighter side of this, it doesn’t last; energy will come back and you will feel lighter. Keep up the healthy eating and excercise, it will be beneficial to you later in life too. Also just a mom note here, take your multivitamins, and extra vit c while the flu season is here.

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