Week 1 Veganism Recap

I thought I would be pillaging a McDonalds by now scarfing down Big Macs and Flurries. Nope. No crazy cravings, no nightmares about foods (although I did dream I ate cheesecake and I was mad at myself for breaking the diet). Instead, I’ve been eating fairly well. Vegetables, skinny vegan spinach dip, potato bread, PB&Js, green beans, Gimme Lean sausage with onion scramble (no eggs), air popped vegan popcorn from Trader Joe’s (I keep it in my desk as work).

We had a luncheon yesterday with cookies, lasagna, chicken bog, baked goods, and a veggie tray. I killed some veggies and a crap ton of popcorn.

For dinner last night I ate Vegan Munchies, leftover Your Pie vegan pizza, and a PB and J with a glass of dark chocolate Almond Milk. I didn’t have much for lunch…

IMG_20150105_130121650 IMG_20150105_130125732

Last night I also went with my friend to a Mexican restaurant…. Vegans should not go to Mexican restaurants. You know what vegans can have at Mexican restaurants? Alcohol.

I did manage the chips and salsa, and when I ordered a burrito with no cheese filled with potato the waitress was quite dumbfounded. “Huh?” “What kind of potato?” I showed her the options on the vegetarian menu. “I don’t know. It says I can have potato.” And then a side of rice.

You know what my friend had? Queso with chips, queso with chips and black beans and chicken….. I miss queso. That’s really the only thing I get at Mexican restaurants. Queso and quesadilla. This must mean no Moe’s for me either.

On the bright side, I had a strawberry daquiri and beer to fill me up. That’s one great bonus about veganism. You can have all the alcohol you want.


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