Being Sick Sucks…

Being sick sucks… no, really. No need to top it off with grading, loud children outside, and the inability to gorge on comfort foods… being sick just sucks.

With that said, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to be vegan while being sick. My go-tos are Chicken Noodle Soup, bread (lots of it), and whatever else is in the fridge.

I felt it last night before falling asleep. My throat is always first–sore and scratchy. Then tomorrow my nose will be stuffed up like dam against Niagara Falls. I woke up around 6–no, my cat woke me up around 6–so I took NyQuil, zinc, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin Bcomplex, and iron. It’s my sickness pack. Take those once a day and eventually the sickness disappears…. usually.

Yesterday, I ate green beans, Gimme Lean scramble leftover, dark chocolate almond milk, and I can’t remember. I know I snacked and had a pickle spear… probably ate the Vans waffles with peanut butter again.

This morning, I ate a PB&J with pistachios. Every day, I snack on some of these bad boys. I keep a small cup in the kitchen and just grab a few to munch on while I wait for other foods to heat up. Almond milk, orange juice. 4 Crescent rolls with apple butter. That should be about it…

I’m forgoing exercise today. Maybe that’s what got me sick. Last time I got sick, I’d just exercised… OMG. You guys! I’m allergic to exercise! No, just kidding. That would also suck.

Going to Whole Foods today if I can muster up the strength. Probably won’t get out of bed again for the next 4 hours.

Did I mention that being sick sucks?


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