Vegan Ethics. I Wish I Had Known.

I don’t know what I did wrong. I know I keep forgetting to add photos. It just tasted off. The vegan macaroni salad, however, isn’t too bad. I wouldn’t eat buckets full, but I think that’s one of the perks about this Vegan diet–nothing tastes overly wonderful so you don’t overeat.

I had leftover Olive Garden today–vegetable penne pasta. For a snack I ate celery sticks with peanut butter and I drank lots of water. Still sick but feeling better now.

One of my students told me she couldn’t see me staying a vegan. I told her then I’d stay one until the end of the school year. Some students asked, “But what do you eat? Wouldn’t you starve?”

And then I remembered those were my very same questions. As if the only foods available were from animals and not the earth… it seems like a “well, duh” moment now.
“What can you eat?”
“Anything and everything plant-based, which, given the size of the earth, is a lot of food.”

Last night, I watched Vegucated and Forks Over Knives and wow. Did you know that animal-based protein turns cancer ON? Plant-based proteins turn cancer OFF and actually work to reverse the damage in your body. Jenkies, man, why isn’t this more of a thing?

Oh, right, corporate billions at stake… got it.

Anyway, I highly recommend the movies. They’re available to stream on Netflix and very informative. I’m all for everyone doing their individual research and talking to their own doctors, but it’s slightly insinuated in these documentaries is that maybe your doctor doesn’t want to take you off those pills or try to correct the issue through nutrition. Maybe they have forgotten that all medicine starts with chemicals found in nature.

I’m down for staying a vegan even though I know I said I would try out Paleo and pescetarianism, but now that I’ve seen what happens to those animals even in the “best” of places…. I really don’t want any part of it. Baby boy chicks thrown into grinders for feed, piglets castrated by someone pulling at their genitals without proper sterilized tools, no vet care for sick animals to keep them “organic” and “steroid-free,” bulls castrated with garden shears… makes me sick. These weren’t just incidents at one or a few farms… these are common practices. These animals are not protected for humane treatment under the law because they’re raised for food. Even some small family farms are not completely innocent of some of these practices.

Oh and the food in our schools? Don’t get me started.

I encourage you to do your own research. Investigate what “free range,” “organic,” and “farm fresh” actually mean. Call up the companies you patron and ask them if their steer are castrated and how they are castrated, how much grazing the dairy cows get, what they’re fed, what happens if they get sick, how they are destroyed, what happens to baby chicks, how much square feet per chicken qualifies as free range. It doesn’t hurt to call, and that way you can make your own informed decision.


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