OMG. Oralgasm Frosting.

We had a department breakfast yesterday and I knew that I’d need to make something special for me to be able to partake in the festivities. I looked up recipes and finally decided that I wanted cake for breakfast because I’m an adult. I chose depression cake and wanted to test out the vegan buttercream frosting and the chocolate peanut butter frosting. I also wanted to try and make carrot cake in jars with cream cheese frosting, jelly-filled muffins, and a breakfast shake.

The depression cake came out almost exactly like the pictures on the site. I wasn’t sure how tasty it would be, but it looked good! I couldn’t get it out of the pan though. If I tried, it started to crumble, so I just left it in the pan and iced it that way.

That icing though, OMG. The vegan buttercream was simple and yummy, but it didn’t have a large yield. I then decided to try the cream cheese frosting for the carrot cake. Once I got going, I just decided to add in cocoa powder to make it chocolate, and then I figured, “What the hell?” and added in peanut butter. I’m not sure what technique I did besides mixing it, but it started to become whipped, as in aerated. When I tasted the creamy soft icing, all I wanted to do was keep gobbling down spoonfuls of the ambrosia. All I have to say is try it. You’ll understand. This icing yielded a lot more, so I used it for the cake and had tons left over. What do you do with extra Oralgasm icing? Use it for a fruit dip 🙂 Strawberries are best.

Then I made the jelly-filled muffins per instructions and those were a kind of bust. Apparently you’re not supposed to use grape jellly?! It exploded from the muffins onto the pan and became more of a crumble cake with jelly at the bottom. They were still yummy though and I used the vegan buttercream frosting as a suggested topping at the breakfast.

So after cleaning and baking and gorging on my own desserts, I refrigerated the items and went to wine night with my friend. In the morning, I made the chocolate shake–also delicious. I ran out of flour before I could make the carrot cakes.

Overall, very successful. I also made a chickpea salad sandwich that was very filling and colorful.

How successful were these recipes? I barely had any cake left. Everyone loved it. They were surprised (of course) when I said it was vegan, especially the vegan icing. One guy said it tasted liked a “whipped Reeses cup.”

Consensus. Can vegan be delicious? YES!

The best part, no, really, the VERY best part of all this… I’m down to 125 without even really exercising!


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