Veganism Recap

Ok. I made it 30 days begin 99.9% vegan. I am so excited for cheese pizza, ya’ll. Seriously.

Now let’s recap. I have not felt bloated in the past 30 days, I was sick but that was from either detoxing or being in airports/returning to school, no extreme breakouts on my skin (although my chin and nape of neck did break out a bit), I kept up most of my daily exercise and increased my crunches to 100 the past week, my tummy pouch is decreasing, and I am roughly 125 lbs.

Yay! Although I miss the bite of a juicy burger, I don’t think I could really eat an entire one again. My meals have vastly decreased in size. What I did discover is this label of “paris vegan,” where pizza you eat mostly vegan meals but eat vegetarian meals when pizza out with friends or family. I like this concept as eating out as a vegan is damn hard. I can order water, alcohol, a side salad, and a plate pizza of fries. That was my standard go-to eating out meal. Not the healthiest, but fairly cheap.

Pizza. …..

I’m Italian. It’s in my blood to crave bread covered in sauce and cheese.


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