Countdown: 28 Days

I just ran 4 miles this morning. It was hard. I wanted to give up. I promised I’d make it to at least 3.1 miles and then once I got there, I knew I had to keep going. Why? Because I want this effing six pack. I want it fast and I want it now! Then I died.

JK, but I did do the 4 miles and then went home and mixed a smoothie with Body Fortress chocolate protein 2 scoops, a banana (mostly a whole one, but some of the pieces were super mushy), chocolate soy milk, and some ice. Really creamy, really rich, and very yummy.

Then I took a shower and was so tired, I sat down in the tub and showered that way.

Now I’m in bed, waiting until it’s time to go back to the gym and work shoulders and back.


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