When the rings start to slip…

I know I’ve lost body fat when I have to move my rings to different fingers. I’ve had to move one ring twice! Of course, I’m keeping track via the usual scale, but it’s nice to know that my pants I could wear last year will soon be a viable option again!

Did chest day today and ran 4 miles. I like the 4-mile consistency. Watching Criminal Minds helps.

Went out to eat last night and definitely ate (and drank) more than I should have. I did eat pita triangles with spinach artichoke dip, Madeira wine (omg, so good it tastes like fall), salmon Wellington and green beans and a few pieces of apple tart with vanilla ice cream. This was all after a picnic lunch of egg salad on pumpernickel rye swirl bread, low-calorie carrot cake donuts with homemade low-cal cream cheese “icing,” a few apple slices and water. Lots and lots of water, but never nearly enough.

My skin is still super burnt from the walk/jog on the bridge at 1 in the afternoon. Not my smartest moment. Definitely should have put aloe on immediately after. Instead, I waited until I see tiny skin bubbles…ew.

DOWN about 11 lbs!!! I ended the school year at about 141. Now I’m back down to 130. Trying to get more towards 120 before school starts. I have another entire month and a 1/2 to lose the other 10. But if I end up stabilizing at 125 with muscle mass, I’m ok with that 😀



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