Keto is Working!

I started Keto a few days ago. Most of my food intake has been from meat like bacon and burgers, but I can’t believe it’s working! I was stuck at 130-ish for nearly 3 weeks in a significant calorie deficit and with high intensity workouts and nothing made the scale budge.

Change the diet and voila! I’m down to 127.6!

Weight: 127.6
Body Fat: 20.2%
Muscle Mass: 36.2%
Water: 56.5%

It’s really hard to say no to soooooooo many desserts, and being Italian, I LOVE bread, but if this is what works, I’m sticking with it.

I want the body more than the bread. The body gives better satisfaction for longer than the bread ever will. I started on July 10th and said I’d do this Keto for 25 days (it’s looking like for longer now!) I have 21 more days (including today)! August 3rd is my end date. We’ll see what the scale says then!

Go Keto!

I’m starting a Pinterest Keto board as well to help me with some recipes. I need to stock up on some Keto knowledge if this is going to sustain me through the school year. I’ll need some good keto snacks 😀


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