About this Blog and the Author


Me after my first 5K, March 2012!

I am 23 years old and live in Charleston, SC. I have a Master of Arts in Writing and my Master of Arts in Teaching English. I am renewing my passion for health and fitness and posting on this blog as a way to keep myself dedicated and motivated.

About me fun facts:

  • I’m terrified of balloons–the latex kinds, not the foil kind.
  • I have an adorable cat named Bella (because it means “beautiful” in Italian, not because of Twilight).
  • I have a deep, unbreakable relationship with chocolate.
  • I love to wear black sweaters in winter because it makes me feel more like a writer.
  • Books are my deepest passion. Not ebooks. Books. The ones that you can smell the ink and paper.
  • My favorite color changes as often as my underwear–
  • but my favorite movie is and always will be Beauty and the Beast. Go, Disney!

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