Red Light Therapy Total Body Enhancement!

So, you might have heard of this new health thing called red light therapy. Planet Fitness offers it as a part of their Black Card Membership perks. What is it exactly?

Total Body Enhancement

Red light therapy is a method that exposes the skin to red light to activate ATP, otherwise known as adenosine triphosphate. When ATP is released, your muscles gain more energy and thus allows you to workout longer or harder. What red light therapy also does is reduce cellulite. It’s also used to help heal wounds faster and to help reduce the prevalence of acne.

Where’s my proof? This is where I love being a college student.

A study conducted by Gordon H. Sasaki, Kerby Oberg, Barbara Tucker, and Margaret Gaston published in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy found that red light therapy and the use of an anti-cellulite gel, 8 out of the 9 ladies who participated in the study had major reduction in their cellulite in their thighs. This was over a period of three months, but the main answer here is that it worked.

Another study in the same journal (Paolillo, et al., 2011) combined red light therapy during high interaval treadmill training. The control group experienced minimal cellulite reduction while the group that received red light therapy had a significant and visible (pictures were included) reduction in cellulite.

I’ll through in a pitch for Planet Fitness’s red light therapy: They also have inside the machine a vibration program. You choose a program and the pad beneath your feet vibrates at different intensities to increase blood flow to areas high in cellulite like thighs and glutes (your ass).

If for no other reason you try it out, go for the vibes. I vibed so much I was laughing in the machine. It was like laughing gas from the dentist. I couldn’t help it! I was sure people thought I was crazy if they heard me laughing inside the room!

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53 thoughts on “Red Light Therapy Total Body Enhancement!

      • I’ve been using the Red Light Therapy treatment for about three weeks now and while I haven’t seen any physical changes, I do feel much more energized after every session. So much energy that if I wanted to, I could gym for another two hours! It’s a great way to end my session and continue my day, especially when I go to the gym in the morning or mid-day. Thanks again for your research – it definitely gave me more of a reason to try it out [:

  1. I went for the $20 a month package at Planet Fitness and I use this machine and tan on the other days. I love both. I have only done the red light thearpy a few times so I haven’t notived a difference but I plan on doing it 3 times a week for 90 days. The vibrating floors are seriously funny, makes me giggle for sure.

  2. I used it today for the first time and was really skeptical. I am getting back to the gym after abdominal surgery (with the DR’s blessing). I was so sore after not working out for a while and this made it all feel good. I worked my legs and I felt the vibrations working and relaxing my muscles from my feet all the way up to my lower back. It was AMAZING and I will be returning.

    • I’m glad you liked it! From what I’ve researched, the benefits of red light was discovered by scientists experimenting with ways to make plants grow on the moon and other planets.

    • I too am returning to working out after having abdominal surgery. I’m glad you posted your experience with the red light machine. Thank you

  3. According to the recommendation from the manufacture and PF you should do it in this order…. Red light, work out, tan (if you are going to). By doing the red light with the vibration first you will loosen your muscles prior to work out. Its an awesome warm up!

  4. Just joined PF this week and am preparing to do the BODY ENHANCEMENT machine at some point this week. Thanks to all of you for your post and questions!!!! They were very helpful for me. I plan to do: red light, work out, hydro massage 3-4times a week.

  5. Thank you for the information. I have lower back pain and right hip pain from a car accident. My doctor said I have to exercise. I am a new black card member. I am on my way to PF now and looking forward to using the enhancement machine.

    • Dorothy, I would love to speak with you. I am a PF Black Card member and I, too, have similar pain from being in a car accident. Is it sciatica? I hope you see this and are feeling well! To Anpilson, thank you so much for posting this! I can’t believe there is nothing on the PF site about this feature (or any of the individual location sites, from what I could find).

  6. I have started using it in the last week. The pf I joined is not very informed on the machine. I would like to do it every day and when I asked them they were not sure if that is a good or bad thing. They only knew to tell me the recommendation was three times a week for 90 days. Do you know where I can find more information?

    • If you don’t mind sharing any information with me about the Total body Enhancement. I am having a hard time finding out. The person at the front desk was not informative…she did not know how to answer your questions.

  7. My husband and I recently joined PF and we asked about the body enhancement machine. None of the staff member knew how to use it, they only knew the “benefits”. I wasn’t sure if I should use the machine. Thanks for the information.

  8. Google University is the answer to find out more about the machine.
    That’s why I am here and thanks everyone for the info. I just joined
    lastnight and I will be back today to try the red light therapy.

  9. I just did my second session of red light therapy at PF. After reading this blog I am going to take some pics tonight and follow up my progress with more pics. I like the vibrations too! But I’d like to get my own proof for myself

  10. I personally would like to share my 5 day experiance with planet fitness.
    The Harrisonburg Virginia location was the worst gym experiance I ever had in the 20 years if working out !
    The young manager that ” manages this location has the personality of a “Stick in the mud”.
    He had NO people skills. Rude unfriendly and NEVER speaks to any members …
    Yes And the facility is 24/5.
    Get This I drive 40 mile round trip just to hear his lifeless dull looking staff member explain to me that looks and acts as if she could care less about smiling or even saying hello, tell me they were closing the gym BECSUSE of the snow!!
    Rediculios, the gym is staffed 24 hours the roads were clear maybe 2″ of snow….. I cancelled my membership !!! Do not join here.
    Not to mention ever shower I took was cold water !!! Unclean bathrooms locker room is carpeted … It reaked of stench !!!

  11. I just joined PF and did use the Total Body Enhancement; likewise, staff did NOT teach me much about it. I had no idea u could take earbuds in, that it had music; that would have been nice to know beforehand. The experience was positive and I will do it again. I was in a car wreck a few years ago and with my Chiro Doc’s approval to work out, thought I would try but was leary. My legs have lots of varicose veins now (they did not before the wreck and they also swell now) my legs tingled and I slept better than I have in a long time. I also did use the water massage bed and the massage chair. All after the treadmill. I also did not know to use this therapy first. Overall, a good experience even today my legs felt better than usual.

  12. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks love it. Besides all the benefits it feels like a foot massage
    I also believe I see a reduction in my cellulite I no they recommend to do it before the workout
    But it kinda feels like a massage so I usually do it after.

  13. I used the total enhancement red light therapy booth today at planet fitness, but there was no red light. Just like tanning bed lights. Is it suppose to be red lights?

  14. That’s what I love about being a college student too. Access to amazing evidence based, peer reviewed research! Thanks for the info!

  15. Thanks! I am about to go join and wasn’t sure about the regular membership or the black card. This has helped me make up my mind.

  16. As everyone else has said Thanks for the info. Recent PF member and saw the machine didn’t get to talk to anyone about it new gym and workers are pretty busy with other people. I’m so anxious to try this.

  17. I’ve been using it for the past 2 Months, only once a week and my acne has been tamed and I’m able to have more intense workouts with less recovery time. I love it!


  19. I am glad to hear someone else was laughing… because last night (my first time), I was laughing so dang hard, I was sure everyone could hear me.

  20. Been using it for three days. Vibrations are awesome. And it does seem to give me more energy prior to a workout. I’m interested to see results after ninety days. #IPRAstrong

  21. I have used the Total Body Enhancement only twice; however, I find it does have benefits with relieving sore muscles. After working out almost everyday, I was sore! I used the TBE after my workout, and noticed I had no soreness, muscle pains, or muscle stiffness the next day. The line for this machine is usually super long, so it’s best to sign up as soon as you get there, then workout in the meantime. I will keep using this to see if there are any results with my skin, but it’s definitely worth it for the muscle relief alone.

  22. Ive been doing this at the END of my workout!! I wish I would have known this before, now I know from now on to do it at beginning

  23. I used it for the first time today. I had the worst case of the giggles for the first minute or so. Then the vibrations got harder and I discovered I could control the intensity. I’m going to try it for 90 days to see if anything changes. I did feel more energy during my workout. crossing my fingers…

  24. Sorry folks this was a bad study, in medical student you learn the difference between a study that changes your practice and this fluff. This pilot study was too small to make any conclusions, it involved two variables (anti cellulite gel and very specific types of light that no one at PF can tell me they are actually using in this vibrating machine). You can’t draw any conclusions when two variables/treatments are used. It would be like running your best 5k time after training your butt off for a year and you also used a new deodorant for that year, then making a claim that your new deodorant led to you running faster. Clearly the training, not the deodorant, led to your best race just like the anti cellulite cream led to mild temporary changes in cellulite appearance and the light probably did nothing but help con PF into buying some gimmicky machines. The study did not see any weight loss, it did not involve a vibration plate, it did not document any changes in ATP or exercise/energy levels, acne was not even evaluated and any changes seen in cellulite were gone as soon as they stopped the treatments. I don’t know where the author of this blog can falsely list all these things this light therapy can do (heal wounds faster, decrease acne, release ATP so you perform better) and only quote one cellulite article that was poor at best. If there is more data, hopefully a real study, that shows these LED lights do anything other then sell planet fitness memberships I’m all game to review it. In the mean time blogs like these continue to spread inaccurate and often biased misinformation about countless topics so patients will waste their $ based on gimmicks because Dave S said on a blog that it helps with skin conditions and anpilson told me it helps with acne instead of talking to… I don’t know maybe a doctor! Speaking of levels of research a blog is the lowest level, anecdotal. If it was actually proven to work it would be in every derm office in America and covered by your medical insurance. Every year there are these devices that people make money on and they vanish in 1-2yrs once enough people find out it doesn’t work.

  25. Here’s a stupid question…does your skin need to be exposed to benefit – used it for the first time today and wasn’t sure if, like in a tanning bed, needed to be nekked…LOL

    • I think the more clothes you have between you and the rays, the less effective the light will be, much like a tanning bed. When I did it, I kept my undies on :)

  26. I used one for the first time today And I also laughed the entire time I was In there!!!! Idk why?! Must stimulate your body to release “feel good” hormones!

  27. I had a car accident that hurt my back and neck and the TBE has made my pain almost go away. I do TBE, then work out, then the massage bed and I have yet to be more than slightly sore. It is wonderful!! I am 53 and getting back in the gym after a long time of not working out. I was really worried I would be so sore that I would quit, but with the TBE and the massage bed I am having a great time and feeling great, too.

    • I’m glad that this is working out for you. It is so important to stay active and to take care of our bodies as we get older!

  28. Well I don’t know about all the other claims but the first thing I noticed was the amount of light. If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD
    and this is a clinically diagnosed condition, I immediately thought I will sign my son up for this. He was on light therapy for years. His doctor had told him years ago to fo ti a tanning booth. Well the light with movement therapy his was Tae Kwon Do, brought him out 9f clinical depression. Total Body seems much more safe as you you are not exposed to UV rays. I would back off on the total gimick idea. I think better reseach reference and staff training would be helpful. Apparently someone sold the benefit to PF and those benefits need to be conveyed to the staff. I will do more research as I always do but if you suffer from the winter blues……just sayin, and if it makes you laugh…now that is priceless.

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